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Patch Tuesday: Workstations, Web and DNS Servers Hit (3/11/2009)
Patch Tuesday Analysis: Internet Explorer, Exchange, SQL Server and Visio hit (2/11/2009)
Patch Tuesday Analysis: The Server Service Attacked (1/14/2009)
Out of Band Patch for Zero Day IE Exploit - Yes patch now (12/17/2008)
Patch Tuesday Analysis: zero day for workstations and other issues (12/9/2008)
Patch Tuesday Analysis: yet another month for workstations (11/11/2008)
Yesterday's "Out of Band" Security Bulletin (10/24/2008)
Eveything and Everyone Impacted this Patch Tuesday (10/15/2008)
Patch Tuesday Analysis: 4 for workstations; servers get a pass (9/10/2008)
Patch Tuesday: Bad month for workstations (8/13/2008)
Patch Tuesday: Only 4 - But all 4 corners hit (7/8/2008)
Patch Tuesday: something for everyone (6/10/2008)
Patch Tuesday: 3 Workstation Holes, one urgent, new hole in MS security software (5/13/2008)
Patch Tuesday: Hefty vulnerabilities but no red alert this month (4/9/2008)
Patch Tuesday: MS Office sustains quadruple hits; one of them urgent (3/12/2008)
Big Patch Tuesday (2/12/2008)
Patch Tuesday: 2 easy ones for workstation admins; everyone else gets off easy (1/8/2008)
Patch Tuesday Observer: Tough month for workstation admins; server admins get off easy unless you use MSMQ or Windows Media Servers (12/11/2007)
Got Word, IE or SharePoint? Time to patch. (10/9/2007)
Patch Tuesday Observer (9/11/2007)
Patch Tuesday: Workstations hit hard but no 0-day exploits so no rush (8/14/2007)
Patch Tuesday Observer (7/10/2007)
Patch Tuesday Observer: Server admins get off easy; workstation admins moderately affected (6/12/2007)
Patch Tuesday Observer (5/8/2007)
Patch Tuesday Update; April Showers (4/10/2007)
Patch Tuesday Observer: Workstation admins commence crying; MS anti-malware becomes agent of malware (2/13/2007)
Patch Tuesday Observer: Vista and IE7 remain unscathed but still a bad month for workstation vulnerabilities (1/9/2007)


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