Patch Tuesday: April, 2014: Only 4 patches but all remote code executions
This Patch Tuesday, Microsoft released four patches with two rated critical. MS14-017, MS14-018 and MS14-019 are patches that are most likely to affect all Windows users since it covers almost all versions of MS Office, Internet Explorer, and Windows OS's up to the latest versions of each. MS14-017 covers multiple vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to run arbitrary code as the current user or take over a system if the current user is an administrator. MS14-018 affects Internet Explorer 11 all the way back to IE6 with the exception of IE10. This vulnerability affects mainly workstations since admins should follow best practice of not browsing the web on servers. MS14-019 is a big one for Windows OS's this month with details being public disclosed. There are no reports, as of yet, of this vulnerability being exploited but now that it's widely known I recommend patching after testing. MS14-020 is going to be less of an issue for most. This vulnerability is limited to MS Publisher 2003/2007, both with service pack 3. If your users have yet to be trained to not open files from untrusted sources (which is the MS recommended workaround) then I do recommend patching after testing.

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BulletinExploit Types
/Technologies Affected
System Types AffectedExploit
details public?
/ Being exploited?
MS severity ratingProducts AffectedNotesRandy's recommendation

Arbitrary code
Privilege elevation
Security feature bypass

/ Microsoft Windows
Yes/NoNoImportant XP
Server 2003
Server 2008
Server 2008 R2
Windows 7
Server 2012
Windows RT
Server 2012 R2
Windows 8.1
Windows RT 8.1
Could allow attacker to take complete control of an affected systemPatch after testing; req's restart

Arbitrary code
Privilege elevation

/ Microsoft Office/Services/Web Apps
Terminal Servers
Sharepoint Servers
Virtual Servers
Yes/YesNoCritical Office 2003
Office 2007
Word Viewer
Office Compatibility Pack
Web Apps
Office 2010
Office 2011 for MAC
SharePoint Server 2010
SharePoint Server 2013
Office 2013 RT
Office 2013
Office 2013 Web Apps
Office 2010 Web Apps
May req restart; multiple vulnerabilities some of which are being used in attacksApply update immediately via MS Update service or manually

Arbitrary code

/ Microsoft Publisher 2003SP3 & 2007SP3
No/NoYesImportant Office 2003
Office 2007
Workaround: Do not open Publisher files from untrusted sourcesPatch after testing

Arbitrary code
Privilege elevation

/ Internet Explorer
No/NoNoCritical Internet Explorer 6
Internet Explorer 7
Internet Explorer 8
Internet Explorer 9
Internet Explorer 11
Moderate for IE6,7,8 & 11 on affected windows servers; critical for affected windows clientsPatch after testing; Req's restart

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